Advisers – most of them from academia, all renowned experts in their fields – are key collaborators in all stages of the works, from concept development, to publication.


Dr. Philipp Aumann (History of Technology)

Prof. Dr. Volker R. Berghahn (German History)

Prof. Laurel Bestock (German History)

Matthew Brennan (Virtual Archaeology)

Casper Erichsen (German Colonial History)

Prof. Roxana Flammini (Egyptology)

Prof. Bernard Frischer (Informatics, Classical Studies, Virtual Archaeology)

Prof. Thomas Kühne (German History; Holocaust Studies)

Prof. Nancy Llewellyn (Classical Studies–Latin)

Prof. Henning Melber  (German Colonial History)

Ray Müller (Leni Riefenstahl)

Dr. Sylvia Necker (German History; History of Architecture)

Prof. Thomas Schneider  (Egyptology)

Janet Stephens (Archaeology, Hair)

Prof. Ulrich Van der Heyden (German Colonial History)

Prof. Stephen Vinson (Egyptology)

Prof. Christine Winter (Colonial History, Oceania)

Dr. Joachim Zeller (German Colonial History)

Prof. Jürgen Zimmerer (German Colonial History; Genocide Studies)