Mercury Theatre

The members of Mercury Theatre feature in a variety of roles across the works.

Principals Agnieszka Artych, Dai Harris, Laura Lindermann and Myriem (Mariem Boukadida) are collaborators in front of the camera, and in all aspects of a production. They are also shareholders in the enterprise.

Marc Erwin Babej: Direction, Writing, Photography

Agnes Artych: Director of Production

Dai Harris: Associate Director of Production

Laura Lindermann: Artistic Director

Myriem: Associate Artistic Director

Alex Vanderheyden: Director of Post-Production
Erin Zavalkoff-Babej, Esq.: Legal Counsel
Courtney Abrams: Production Manager



Aminata Belli
Karina Bikmukhametova
Tor Boswick
Robert Dölle
Sandra Glinka
Penelope Heilmann
Andrea Liskova Holden
Natalie Jordan
Anastasia Kholosta
Janina Scheuer
Jana Wirth
Yulia Zavyalova