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Marc Erwin Babej is an American-German photographic artist based in New York City. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1970, he received an A.B. in History from Brown University and an M.Sc. from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. His background in social sciences, particularly classical and modern history, pervades his work.

At the core of his works are still images — always in black‐and‐white, putting his congenital color-blindness to good use. The films of Orson Welles and Sergei Eisenstein, as well as the photography of his mentor, Roger Ballen, are important artistic influences.

The themes of the work are historical and political, but eschew conventions of “political art,” such as protest and shock effects. Rather, each work is conceived and realized in close collaboration with experts and seeks a substantive conversation with viewers/readers, at eye level. The object of the work is not what the audience should think, but that they think.

Each work is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between cast, crew and technical and thematic experts.

Agnieszka Artych (as Agnes) and Mariem Boukadida (as Myriem) are co-principals of Mercury Theatre. Boukadida, Artych, Megan Skelly and Laura Lindermann are directors of pre-production, production and post-production and technology, respectively, and are shareholders in the enterprise.